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The language of envelopes


An expressive resource

The window or windows of the envelopes are more than a useful solution they are an expressive resource. The address of the addressee appears through a simple window. Complex windows allow anticipation of the contents of the mail and invite one to open the envelope. They are a powerful direct marketing resource.

Shapes and colours

The windows could have any shape and their number is only limited by the dimensions of the envelope. They can also be made with a reflecting glassine. There are several ways to cover windows: normal plastic of different thicknesses; glossy, required in certain countries for address windows; of coloured plastic - used frequently in direct marketing envelopes - with a whole range of colour, shapes, size and positions. The most environmental friendly option is the glassine window which, to the contrary of what it would seem, is pure paper and therefore 100% recyclable.

Norms for windows

Windows are subject to certain norms.
To positon them outside the areas required by the regulations of each country, you have to obtain permission. Each country has its own envelope guidelines, defining the rules of standard windows. For all the European countries, the standard rule is the rectangular window with 4 radius corners except for The Netherlands which standard window is rectangular with straight corners.

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National and international associations, through their organizations, publications and congresses, are witnesses to the reality, to the evolution of the world of the envelope and its manufacturers.


The language of envelopes

Envelopes communicate

The main aim of a designer or marketing professional is to make sure that the reply envelope relates two key messages "open me!" and "respond."