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The language of envelopes


These are the part of the envelope which, when crossed over, make up the back of the envelope: the closing flap, the bottom flap and the side seams.

Various shapes and sizes

The flaps define the product according to their shape and size. They also need to understand and speak the language of inserting machines because not all flaps, corners and throats behave the same way when documents are inserted. It is essential to speak this language.

Various designs and possibilities

Endless flap designs transform them into efficient allies of direct marketing mailing and mail order. With the side flaps, special inside pockets are formed, "coin-pockets," wallets or surprises for your game. In wallets, the side flaps may be stuck over or under the bottom flap. It is not just a question of looks: the inserting machines do not behave the same way in every case. We can make detachable coupons with an extended bottom flap, as is the "bangtail" or with an extended closing flap, as is deep flap. The side flaps can form coin pockets, used to contain items such as surprises for games.

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National and international associations, through their organizations, publications and congresses, are witnesses to the reality, to the evolution of the world of the envelope and its manufacturers.


The language of envelopes

Envelopes communicate

The main aim of a designer or marketing professional is to make sure that the reply envelope relates two key messages "open me!" and "respond."