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The language of envelopes


They embrace the letter

Everyone thinks of an envelope as folded paper. But there is more to it than that: the envelope wraps and embraces the letter or whatever it holds inside.
Folds are necessary for the flaps to fit perfectly and they thus form the final shape of the product.

Folds, a resource for inspiration

Folds can be used to innovate, giving rise to special shaped envelopes and to increase the useful capacity of the product, such as the folds which form gussets. They may be single and multiple such as those used on the closing flap of a photographic wallet with visual or practical purposes.

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National and international associations, through their organizations, publications and congresses, are witnesses to the reality, to the evolution of the world of the envelope and its manufacturers.


The language of envelopes

Envelopes communicate

The main aim of a designer or marketing professional is to make sure that the reply envelope relates two key messages "open me!" and "respond."