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The language of envelopes


Text, image and colour

Printing is the language of the user or the customer for the production of an envelope; text, image and colour. Just think of a direct marketing envelope or even a banking envelope: the difference between opening it or leaving it depends on the print.

Front, back and inside

The envelope speaks the printing language inside and, especially, outside, front and back. It is obvious that stock items cannot have a personalised opaque. Inside tint is used to give opacity to the paper and confidentiality to the contents of the envelope, as well as promoting the identity of the sender with a personalised background. For envelope printing, there are various technical options, with different effects:

Litho or flexo

The Flexographic printing technique incorporated on the converting machine is used with environmentally friendly inks. High quality litho printing is applied to stock items and especially as a process prior to the web or sheet-fed conversions of the envelope. In litho, better results are obtained in four-colour printing. Litho printed stock items, apart from some formats and colour limitations is the quickest and most suitable envelope personalisation process for small quantities.

Other printing solutions

There are other less common envelope printing procedures: serigraphy, typography, dry printing, thermography, varnishing, etc. As for inks, there is a wide range to choose from, many of them specific to a printing system: water-based inks, oil-based inks, metallic, security inks, fluorescent, quick-drying polymers etc.

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The language of envelopes

Envelopes communicate

The main aim of a designer or marketing professional is to make sure that the reply envelope relates two key messages "open me!" and "respond."