Carbon Neutral

A first distinction: envelope, pockets, wallet

Wallets usually open at the widest side.

Pockets usually open at the narrowest side, the back of the wallet is formed by the side seams.

Photographic wallets are generally rectangular, usually with a closing flap longer than the wallet which is not sealed as they are not circulated by the post.

Types of Envelopes

The Spanish norm defines the envelope as "a flat, rectangular-shaped wrapper, generally obtained from a sheet of paper folded in such a way that a single front side is obtained and a back side formed by four flaps which are mounted together.



The shape and size of the flaps define the different envelopes:



Various combinations of folding, paper, plastic and windows give rise to different wallets for special uses.


Photographic wallets

The way of constructing and folding the envelope makes the difference between a wallet and a pocket.