Carbon Neutral


"To have the deepest respect for our commitments enabling us to count on the confidence of our team, our customers, our suppliers and the financial entities who trust our business capacity."

Mission statement

Tompla is the first international envelope manufacturer to have received the certification for the complete production process, for its manufacturing site and its commercial offices.

Tompla has a quality management system certified by AENOR . (Spanish association for standardisation and certification)

Tompla, ISO 9001 and 14001 quality management and environmental management certifications.

Tompla's quality commitment to its customers has been a priority since its foundation. Its quality management system includes analysing the customers' requirements, defining the processes which contribute to achieving products which are acceptable to them and maintaining these processes under control to strictly meet the requirements defined by the customers.

Tompla also has an environmental management system to constantly improve its efficiency in the consumption of energy resources and raw materials with less contaminated methods or better management of the waste products generated. The ISO 14001 certification guarantees that this environmental behaviour is suitable and in accordance with the current legislation.

In Tompla, the quality management and environmental management systems are integrated in the daily running of the organisation to meet environmental, financial and quality objectives as a whole.

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Tompla philosophy

"Envelopes, faithful squires of the most ingenious knights"


Mission statement

What is important to us is knowing the customers, knowing what they want, always doing our best for them and never ceasing in our duty to them.


Affiliation with envelope associations

Tompla is an active member of the national and international organisations in the envelope industry...


Tompla committed with social issues

Tompla has its own altruistic foundation of biomedical research: The LAIR Foundation (short for "Leukocyte Antigen & Immune Response").